Letting Go

I went to a small liberal arts college in Clinton, SC named Presbyterian College and majored in business administration with a concentration in accounting. I took every accounting and finance course that PC offered.  My favorite class and my favorite teacher was investment analysis with Mr. Slammin Sammy Howell. Mr. Howell deemed us the accounting […]

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The Bible Out Loud

I came across a website today and it really got me fired up!  I was on LinkedIn and one of my suggested friends worked for a company called The Flight of Ravens.  Like any normal person I said “What the heck is that?” and went to Google.  Google took me to a foundation called The […]

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What is againstiflow?

The first post is up! We are excited to share our thoughts, experiences, and lives through this blog.  I don’t know what you will get out of this first post, but our main goal is to explain what in the world againstiflow means. The obvious answer is that it means going “against the flow,” but […]

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