12 Challenges in 12 Days Before Christmas

1. Pay for the car behind you in the drive-thru line
Change the world one good deed at a time! It is such a small thing to do and it can make someone’s day. This free meal could be just the encouragement they needed.

2. Go visit your grandparents
Take an hour out of your busy schedule over the next 12 days and go pop in at your Grandparents. It would mean the world to them and I know I do not spend enough time with my own. Get them to tell you a story about the good old days!

3. Invite someone to church
The reason for the season! Even the CEOs (Christmas and Easter Only) are out this time of year. So step up and ask a classmate, coworker, or friend that might not normally attend church to tag along with you.

4. Take your dog on a walk
If you do not have a dog then maybe your Grandparents do. You could knock out 2 birds with 1 stone! (See #2)

5. Ask someone how you can pray for them
The power of prayer is underestimated and under used. A simple way to show someone that you care for them and that God loves them.

6. Say something nice and fun to a stranger to brighten their day
Hold the door for them, smile, and say something nice. Maybe a compliment or just a “Have a nice day!” Get creative. It is the small things in life that matter most.

7. Let that car merge in front of you that you normally wouldn’t
You Jimmy Johnson type drivers know what I am talking about! That car flies up beside you and then proceeds to put on its blinker to get in your lane…I know it can be frustrating because I am the guy who never lets them in. Take a deep breath and just let it happen – it’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

8. Leave someone a note
This can be your roommate, coworker, girlfriend, brother, or the person you walk past everyday and nod your head at. You already know who it should be so make it happen!

9. Buy a homeless person some food
Most of you know where the homeless people in your city hang out. It is a tough time of year for them and I am sure they would be very appreciative of a hot meal. Give them a few words of encouragement while you are at it.

10. Leave a larger than normal tip for your waiter or waitress
It is the small things that matter.

11. Clean your room
Whether you live in a dorm, at home with your parents, or on your own this is a good thing to do. You should probably make it a habit. I am sure GoodGuySwag would agree.

12. Againstiflow
This one is on you. Get creative and do something that you do not normally do. Get out of your comfort zone. I would give you some ideas, but I don’t want to limit your creativeness.

The Top 3 people who have completed the most challenges get a FREE againstiflow t-shirt! Keep us updated on twitter (@againstiflow) or by commenting on the blog. Honor code applies. Good luck!

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