What’s Your Platform?

Soccer AgainstiOne of the most talked/blogged about parts of Christianity is how and when you can affect others and lead them towards Jesus. Every time you go to the grocery store you have an opportunity to impact someone in a good or bad way. In a situation as simple as that your actions could show someone just what they have been searching for and you wouldn’t even know it. One of my favorite quotes is by Pope St. Francis and it says, “preach the gospel and when necessary use words.” You never know who is watching and who could be influenced by your actions.

Here are a couple of things I use to enhance my platform:

1. Wrist Band – Could be a WWJD bracelet or any kind of bracelet/band that displays your faith. I know for me I wear a wrist band with “OMA” on it commemorating a young man and a family that was involved in a bible study that I led. Every time someone asks me about what the initials on my wrist mean I get to tell them about Mills and it is an opportunity to share my faith and the story behind it.

2. T-shirt – A t-shirt is the equivalent to a walking billboard for people. Every morning you make a decision on what brand, product, or team to display for the entire day. We have made up a few Againstiflow t-shirts and I have had multiple people come up to me at the gym, church, or just out and about and look at me funny, try to read “Againstiflow”, and then ask me what the heck it means. I was playing basketball a couple of weekends ago and I had a young man that was in the 9th grade ask me what Againstiflow meant. I explained to him what it was and the conversation took off from that point. He is a good little basketball player and his goal is to play division one basketball in college. He then told me that he would never make it because he was way too small. I was able to encourage him and share my story of playing college soccer. I was just like him in that I was a late bloomer and didn’t hit my growth spurt until junior year of high school. I guarantee you that he left that conversation with a boost of confidence. We later got connected on Instagram and he got to see Againstiflow for himself. Every time someone asks me about the shirt it’s an opportunity to use it as a platform for sharing our story.

I have been trying to be more intentional in thinking of different ways that I can let people know about me and my faith. I have been wearing my “OMA” wrist band every day and wearing my Againstiflow shirt as much as possible. Having just moved to Atlanta and not knowing very many people it gives me an opportunity to share my story with people that hardly know me.

What are ways that you display your faith?

Bumper sticker? Music you listen to with friends in your car? Necklace? Sports?

Comment or tweet @againstiflow with what you use as your platform?

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