What’s Your Platform? Part II

photoIn, “What’s Your Platform?” we talked about the opportunities you have around you daily to make an impact on someone’s life. We also talked about the resources you have to enhance that platform. The next step is the conversations you have with the interested people. What do those look like? When someone shows interest in what you are about here are a few tips to lead you through the conversation:

Be Honest and Confident

I think sometimes we will put on the shirt or wear the wristband, but when it comes down to the conversation we get timid. If you truly believe in something then don’t be afraid to publicly display that belief, not only through a t-shirt, but most importantly through your words.

Ask Questions

This person has opened themselves up to you and they are interested in what you are about. After you answer their question to you find out something about them. I think there are more people out there than you could imagine that want to know more about Jesus, but they are just waiting on that invitation.

Be Intentional

Through wearing your t-shirt or wristband you are being intentional, but also be intentional in the conversation. Jesus was always intentional in His conversation no matter who He was talking to. Intentional means purposeful, on purpose, or planned. In sports you do not practice one way and then when it becomes game time completely switch things up. In faith you shouldn’t practice one way and then when an opportunity to share Jesus with someone comes along decide to switch things up. You already put on the jersey so be ready for the game.

Use Your Story

God has given all of us a story and he wants us to use that story. Sharing your imperfect story with someone who is not a believer shows them that you don’t have to be perfect to be a Christian. It is the greatest example of how a relationship with Jesus works. No one is too imperfect to give their life to Jesus.

Whatever platform God has given you at this moment be sure to take advantage of it. If your heart and your desires are to please the Lord you will know where He wants you to be in life. He will light a fire inside of you and there will be no question what you are supposed to be doing. Follow that desire.

The entire course of humanity was changed when 12 people followed that desire and used their platforms to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are called to “go into all the world” and that is what we need to do. Nothing fires me up more than seeing people’s lives change forever.

I just think about my close of group of friends and it is crazy to see how God has worked in and changed our lives. We don’t know what the future holds, but we sure are excited about it!


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