The idea of a greater being, a creator, an all-powerful God is a wild thought for some people, which is completely normal. It is crazy to think about. In this universe there are so many things that are indescribable. Did you know that the Earth could fit inside the Sun 960,000 times? Now that is ridiculous. Think how small you are compared to the Earth. Well, the Earth is tiny in the grand scheme of the universe. It is nothing. There is another sun out there called Canus Majoris and it is the largest KNOWN star. The Earth could fit inside Canus Majoris 7 quadrillion times. If the earth was the size of a golf ball, Canus Majoris would be the height of Mt. Everest! Go to Mt. Everest, put a golf ball at the bottom, and look up…let me know how that makes you feel. Before we move on lets think about how big a quadrillion is:

  • A million seconds ago takes us back to 12 days ago.
  • A billion seconds ago takes us back to 1982.
  • A trillion seconds ago….that’s got to be the 1500s… about 31,709 years ago.
  • A quadrillion seconds ago takes us all the way back to 30.8 million years ago.

And 7 quadrillion Earths could fit inside this one star!! That blows my mind…on to the next one.

This example was portrayed to me one time and I thought it was awesome. Someone drew a circle and told me this circle represented all the knowledge in the universe. They then told me to shade in the amount of knowledge I thought I already knew. I put a dot. I graduated from college, but there is too much knowledge out there for me to even think about. The possibilities of this universe are endless. We are still discovering more and more each day that we didn’t know the day before. The point of this circle was to say that if we only claim to know this much (whatever you shaded in) who is to say that there is not a God?

Now, imagine you are walking down the beach. Something shiny catches your eye slightly buried in the sand. You reach down and pick it up and it is a nice shiny watch. You are in disbelief…how in the world did this watch just get created. Your first thought is probably that the watch was created through some chemical reactions, bonding of molecules, and the sand grinding together. I am kidding…someone had to have created that watch. In the same way a watch had to be created by a creator, it would only make sense that the same thing happened to us. The human body is a quadrillion times more complicated than a watch!

This earth, this universe and everything in it are simply indescribable. I know everyone has challenged his or her faith at some point because there is so much we do not know, but it all comes down to the simple story of a man named Jesus. He is the reason I love others because He first loved me; He is the reason I forgives others because He first forgave me; and He is the reason I pursue relationships with others because He first pursued a relationship with me. He is indescribable.

Watch Louie Giglio’s- How Great is Our God (not the shortest video, but really good)

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