Againstiflow: More Than An Idea

Photo Aug 06, 4 16 41 PMWhen we started Againstiflow it was just an idea, but we knew there was more to it. God lit a fire deep down in our hearts before we even said the word “Againstiflow” and it was obvious He wanted us to use our past experiences to bring people closer to Him. Why did God give us this desire? Why did He want us, of all people, to reach out to students and show them His love? There are tons of organizations that already do that! Well, I have no idea. I do know that being a Christian and acting on what God wants you to do is hard. Especially in today’s world…it is harder than ever. I am young and I would love to hear the opinion of an older person, but in my life I have never seen so many people running towards Jesus. BUT I have also never seen so many people running in the complete opposite direction! Just like the middle class is getting smaller in the economy I see the middle class getting smaller in Christianity. The lukewarm Christians, the ones of the fence, are for some reason put in a position to choose one way or the other. That is basically what happened to us…God kicked us in the face and woke us up from our state of sleep walking through life. The fire continues to burn stronger than ever and I think that is God giving us the strength to go out and pursue…because without the fire we wouldn’t be moving. God can use ANYONE and I mean anyone to shine a light on this world. Look at the 12 Disciples; look at the story of Joseph. When you go through life you wonder how God is going to use what you are going through for the greater good. The story of Joseph in the Bible always reminds me of this and my mom always reminds me of that story when I complain about something (Love you mom). If you are in a tough situation right now go read the story of Joseph (Genesis 37-50) and be prepared for God to ask you to do something that you might not feel like you are capable of doing.

We are really excited for whatever God has planned next for Againstiflow and we want anyone and everyone who wants to be involved to reach out to us. There are numerous ways you can support us with your time and your prayers.


An AgainstiMentor is someone who feels called to use their experiences in life to teach and guide our future leaders. We need individuals who are out of college and who would be interested in mentoring a college student who is in a similar situation as you when you were their age. If you want to get on our “Mentor List” contact us and when we find a good match your AgainstiMentoring will begin!


This is a group of men in the business world who have a passion for their trade and a passion for entrepreneurship. When great minds get together the possibilities of what can happen are endless. The main goal of this program is to prepare college students for the future “real world” and to have a good time doing it. Business projects, start-ups, internships, networking, and more. We meet the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 6:30am at Tommy’s Ham House in Greenville, SC.


We partner with non-profit organizations that spend all of their time and energy reaching out to foreign parts of the world and being the hands and feet of Christ. If you want to experience other parts of the world and if you want to serve the people of the world there is not a better group to do it with. First trip is this December to the Dominican Republic ($1400). Details here!


These groups are for college students. We will go through various studies and dig into The Word while tackling all the challenging questions we face today. We will take awesome trips, serve the local community, and enjoy the beautiful world God has created for us. We are very excited about the possibilities within these AgainstiGroups. “Creating Community Against the Flow”


These will be random, spontaneous times when we decide we want to do something awesome…like have a huge bonfire or take a group of students to Frankie’s Fun Park…sign up for the newsletter if you want in on this fun or follow us on Facebook.

The best way you can support us is through diligent prayer. Pray for the fire in our hearts to stay blazing and pray for the youth of today…that they may rise up and become future leaders in a world that needs them more than ever!

I was just reminded of this…the night God got us together and put this on our hearts we were all sitting around a fire.


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