4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before School Starts

My Greatest Fear1It is that time of year! Summer is winding down and schools are working to prepare for classes and students are preparing to move back to their schools. Before you get back in the school environment here are 4 questions that will help you prepare for the year!

How will I provide my peers and strangers with a consistent message about the person that I want to be and I believe God is calling me to be?

People have more respect for people that provide them with a consistent message through their actions. Follow through with what you promise people. Your actions speak louder than your words! Be confident in who you are and don’t change who you are just to try and “fit in”.

What can I do to make this the best year yet?

Be creative! At Presbyterian College, they have a big brother/big sister type of program that you can participate in with the local children’s home. Once a week you could go and pick up your little bro or little sis and do life together. I always wanted to do this, but I always ended up talking myself out of it because I didn’t think I had time between studying and soccer. Find somewhere close to campus where you can volunteer and do your best to fit it in your schedule. One hour a week!

What is a realistic GPA goal for the semester?

The reason you go to school is to get your education. So, get the most you can out of it! Take a hard look at your upcoming schedule and create a plan. You know your study habits and all of your potential from years and years of school. Be realistic, but remember that failing to plan is planning to fail! If you came in to college with bad study habits it is not too late to improve!

How can I maximize my fun for this semester?

High School and college present you with the most free time that you will ever have in your life. How you spend your time is important. During these times you will make lifelong friends and lifelong memories. It is not all about getting good grades. Balance between school and fun is key. It helps you keep life in perspective. So, live a little…for the right things of course!


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