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Bob Goff: Living on the Edge

Posted: October 22, 2014 in Faith

Last night, I got the opportunity to go listen to Bob Goff, author of Love Does, speak at an event for Sixty Feet here in Atlanta.

Bob’s energy was second to none. Imagine a middle aged man with the energy and the ADD of a 7th grade boy and that pretty much sums up the speech. It was incredible. His speech focused on Love which seems so simple, but we all know at the same time it is so complex. One of the points that Bob made is, “it easy to love someone but it is much more difficult to remain in love with someone.” It seems so obvious but it is much easier said than done. It is human nature to constantly judge and put down others based on their sins and shortcomings. Bob stressed that when you are trying to love on someone do not focus on how far they have to go but focus on how far they’ve come from where they used to be. Bob doesn’t call people to wish them a Happy Birthday. Instead, he saves the worst day of someone’s life into his calendar and calls them a year later on that exact date. He then encourages them and tells them how far they’ve come since the point that they thought was going to break them a year before.

Goff also spoke about living on the edge of life more and more. He defined living on the edge as getting as close as possible to a “Yikes!” moment. Our lifestyles, and when I say “our” I mean Americans lifestyles, are covered in so many protective layers that, figuratively, we can’t move. We are walking around like the Michelin Man. We have our savings accounts, 401Ks, Roth IRAs, Renters Insurance, Car Insurance, lawyers, etc. If something happens we are covered, in most cases. Imagine being a 12 year old kid in Uganda and your uncle takes you to the police station and falsely accuses you of stealing the equivalent of $20 from your neighbor. Then the police take you and throw you into jail before you have a chance to defend yourself. You are in jail with no grasp of what the future may hold for you other than the confines of a jail cell. God wants us to let go of some things in our lives and live on the edge a little. He wants us to be smart, but he doesn’t want us to play it smart in all situations. If we mess up then we fall into the arms of Jesus.

Take a look back on your life. When did you see the most growth in yourself? I know for me it was when I thought I had nothing else. I had no choice but to say to God, “Listen…I’m done doing it my way because it is obviously not working so let’s make it happen.” The analogy that Bob used was about a time when he was flying a rental plane and he had just landed at an airport. He met two Air Force pilots who were practicing flying as close to the ground as possible so they could grow and better their craft. Bob said that all he was worried about was staying away from the danger while those pilots were seeking out the danger and challenging themselves to become better at flying. What if we lived closer to the edge when it came to our faith? How can we live with no fears? How can we live a strong and courageous life? What would that look like for you? Tithing? Mission Trip? Ministry? Serving at your church?

Proverbs 4:23

“Follow God close! He doesn’t care if you bump into him.” – Bob Goff


More About Sixty Feet

Sixty Feet is an organization that works to free imprisoned children in Uganda. Children in Uganda are thrown in to jail on a daily basis for a variety of different reasons. They told stories of kids being thrown into jail for being falsely accused of robbery. Also, mothers of newborns that go to beg on the streets are thrown into jail and separated from their children because they can’t provide for them; then the kids are thrown into the jail because they have nowhere else to put them.

Sixty feet is in the works of planning 4 trips to Uganda for 2015. Check out their website for information on the trips and what they are doing to help the children of Africa.

Bob Goff’s connection with 60 feet is that he is the Hon. Counsel for Uganda to the United States. Bob began his work in Uganda by starting a school called Restore International to help provide the people of Uganda with a chance at receiving an education.


One Word. One Question. Why?

Posted: October 8, 2014 in Faith
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If someone asked you if you believe in God what would you say? I think most people reading this article would say yes. Most of us believe there is a God…we believe that something created this universe. We go to Church. We might even read the Bible. Shoot…we might even be in a bible study! If any of those are you I want you to ask yourself this question…“Why?”

Romans 1:21 “For although they knew God, they neither glorified Him as God nor gave thanks to Him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened.”

Why InstiWhy do I attend a Church?

Why do I read the Bible?

Why am I in a bible study?

You have the opportunity to change your mindset the next time you enter in to each of these environments just by asking yourself those questions. Go to church with a new focus…read the Bible through a new lens…see the others in your Bible study in a different light.

The devil doesn’t want us to ask this question. He wants us to fill up our schedules with work, meetings, events, school, sports and all kinds of stuff. He wants us to go through the motions in life. He wants us to forget why we go to church. When he can get us to feel overwhelmed with life he can take our focus off of the why.

When you find your WHY…you find your WHO.

My WHY is my WHO. WHY I choose to spend my time doing certain things in my life is a direct result of WHO I am doing them for.

Ask yourself WHY you do what you do. If your answer doesn’t involve WHO you do it for then you need to rethink WHY you are doing it. You don’t have to stop doing it…but you might need to change your focus within it.

Lastly…life is busy…it is really busy…so be careful with your time and do not forget to glorify and thank God for the blessings in your life. Slow down for just one moment today and ask yourself “Why?”