God’s Will vs God’s Will For My Life

God's Will ImageI feel like trying to figure out God’s will for my life is a constant struggle. Recently, I found myself reading through the Psalms and skimming the pages until something jumped out at me that specifically applied to my season of life right now. Then I realized…what if it wasn’t about God’s will for my life as much as it is about God’s will?

I am a detail-oriented person by nature. Therefore, when I am trying to seek God’s will for my life I pray as hard as I can that God will lay the groundwork out in front of me. I pray that He will reveal every detail of how He is going to work, what He is going to do, through who, and how long it is going to take. In John 14:6 Jesus says, “I am the way” – He doesn’t say, “I will give you a road map of exactly how this will work out.” If Jesus is the way, then walking with Him every single day will place me in the center of God’s will. Jesus tells me to take up my cross and follow Him every single day and He will SHOW me the way. This is such a beautiful part of God’s design for His relationship with us. It keeps us in step with Him and in utter dependence. I would have to think that if God laid out His entire plan in front of me I would be prone to take the reins and try to put the plan into action myself.

Genesis 12:1-5 is the story of Abram and the Lord says to him, “Leave your country, your people, and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you.” God told Abram to leave, and go. Go where? “To a land I will show you.”

It seems that I may have been asking the wrong question all along. Instead of laying out the plans that I have for my own life and praying for the Lord to bless them, I need to look for what God is doing and then adjust my life in order to join Him! And furthermore, in order to be able to see God at work, my relationship with Him must come first. That way I can recognize the Lords presence when it is right in front of me. The Lord is so personal in his relationship with each of His children. He speaks to us uniquely and in different ways. If we want to recognize God’s voice when He speaks to us then we must first seek Him and a relationship with Him in order to get to know Him better!

In reading through Experiencing God by Henry & Richard Blackaby (a fantastic daily devotional if you are looking for one!) the authors state that:

“We adjust our lives to God so He will do through us what He wants to accomplish. God is not our servant to adjust His activity to our plans. We are His servants, and we adjust our lives to what He is about to do. If we do not submit, God will allow us to follow our own devices (Psalm 81:10-12). In following them, however, we will never experience what God wanted to do on our behalf or through us for others.”

Holy Father, don’t leave me to follow my own devices. Help me come to a place where I long for Your Will above my plans. I submit my dreams and my desires to you, knowing that when I lay my desires and dreams down, you will either pick it up and give it back to me, or take me to a place that is far better than what I was willing to settle for in the first place. Amen.

My new favorite song is by Hillsong United called, “Touch The Sky” – oh that these verses would imprint on my soul and define my life.

“I found my life when I laid it down

Upward falling, spirit soaring

I touch the sky when my knees hit the ground”

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