Cracked, Broken, and Mangled

Yesterday, the pastor of my church gave an interesting welcome to the congregation. He used the cross that hangs on the pulpit as an illustration of the type of people that he wants to welcome at our church. My church is fairly new and as my Pastor put it…”we don’t have very many holy or meaningful churchy symbols.” The one thing we do have is a cross that hangs from the pulpit that was given to our church. It is made out of mesquite wood and has fallen apart and been broken multiple times. I’ve noticed the cross, but never really thought much into it. Our pastor removed it from the front of the pulpit. He held it up in the air and it seemed to be flawless. Then, he turned it around and it was held together by metal bracings and wood glue. He used the cross as a symbol of our church. We all look like we have it together on the outside, but on the inside we are cracked, broken, and mangled. We are all cracked in some sense. Physically, mentally, or emotional. Physically, I think about two of my best friends who have gone through ACL surgeries and had to basically reteach themselves to walk and run. You would never know what they have gone through if you didn’t see the evidence of scarring around their knee. Mentally, I think about different cracked relationships I have had to work through in my life and how they effect the way I approach potential future relationships. Emotionally, the fractured relationships have left me hurt and confused.

Why me?

How did this happen?

I thought we were going to __________.

These are questions and scenarios that can drive you crazy as you go through them in your day to day. I bet one of those questions has run through your mind before. These questions can lead to thoughts like…

Why pursue a relationship if you are just going to be let down? What’s the point?

Are they going to treat me like __________ treated me?

I want to leave you with a few of things:

  1. You are not alone
  2. Christ has paid for all the cracks, fractures, and breaks by what He did for us on the cross.
  3. As you grow with Christ…He will give you confidence because your hope and faith will be in Him and not in worldly things or beings.

I challenge you to be more bold and open in your relationships. Come as you are…Be yourself. Don’t put on a front that you have it all together even though that is what our culture today has us think is a necessity. We all have cracks…so don’t be afraid to show them.

Live life against the flow.

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