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Mission Statement
Againstiflow’s mission is to CONNECT to, INVEST in, and CELEBRATE the impact of local churches, Christian ministries, and other organizations through inspiring stories.

Are you interested in helping out or joining in on any of the ministries we have shared stories from?  If so, please let us know! We have a contact at each ministry that we can get you in touch with. They would love for you to join in on what God is doing through their ministry.

We love serving local ministries. If your ministry would like us to put together a video capturing your story or of an event you are having please let us know. The goal being to help your ministry grow because outsiders can see exactly what goes on behind the scenes!

God gave each of us a story and it is powerful, unique, and a huge tool for us to share how Jesus changed our lives. That is our story at Againstiflow and those are the stories we want to celebrate. Your ministry could be the avenue God chooses to change someone’s life forever. Every ministry matters, every story matters, and our goal is to create a platform for more people to hear those stories!

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